Luxina Expressione Aftershave
Luxina Expressione Aftershave

Luxina Expressione Aftershave

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Luxina Expressione it is a special aftershave lotion formulated with high quality active ingredients. This after shave has been enriched with high quality ingredients that moisturize, soften, refresh and protect the skin. In addition, its formula has a delicate and persistent fragrance of floral and spicy notes that invite wellness. Leave a long lasting feeling of freshness. 


Apply to the face after shaving, massage gently until completely absorbed. To enhance their effects and achieve optimal results, we recommend combining them with Luxina treatment products, such as their pre shaving creams, their treatment creams or their toning lotions.


Menthol, Allantoin, Bisabolol, Hamamelis.

Recommended Use:  For daily use, this after shave can be used by all types of male skin.

Notes: It recalls wooden, spicy and musky scents. An elegant, pure and minimalist fragrance.

Characteristics: An antique and bold alchemy for a timeless man.

Colour: Amber Whisky 

Size : 200 ml

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