Luxina Beard Balm
Luxina Beard Balm
Luxina Beard Balm

Luxina Beard Balm

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Luxina beard balm contains all the ingredients of vegetable origin enriched with oils and aloe vera. Vitamin E, apricot oil and jojoba oil have been selected to ensure maximum skin and beard hydration. Designed to soften and give light to the beard it can also be used as a styling product for the beard and moustache and guarantees hydration of dry skin leaving it soft and fragrant.


Add a small amount (pea-sized) of beard balm to your hands and rubbing it until it melt. Apply evenly through your beard and massage all the way down to your skin. Be sure to get down to the skin level because that’s where the root of your hair is and you want your roots to receive equal amounts of nourishment. After you have massaged the balm through your beard you can then use a beard comb or brush for even better shape.


Lemon, peppermint, Lime, Shea butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Kernel Oil, Macadamia oil, Coconut oil.

Recommended Use: For Morning, Afternoon or Evening

Notes :  Refreshing

Size : 50 ml  

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