Pan Drwal Hair Pomade Butter Clay
Pan Drwal Hair Pomade Butter Clay

Pan Drwal Hair Pomade Butter Clay

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Pan Drwal Hair Pomade Butter Clay gives a matte finish hairstyle and has a strong grip, will keep your hair up all day. You can also improve your hairstyle, because pomade does not dry out, and its grip stays elastic. Butter pomade is the right pomade for everyday use, because it contains panthenol, which makes it delicate for the hair and does not destroy them. It has a creamy-jelly-like consistency that makes it easy to rub and spread in the hair, without unnecessary lumps. It has a very pleasant, delicate cologne fragrance from the Buttercut series (from this series there is also available beard oil). It will easily wash off the pomade.

Notes: The aroma is very refreshing, the scent notes are based on a composition composed of citruses, to which a musky note has been added.

Size : 120 ml  


Take the right dose and heat in the palm until the pomade is spread over the entire surface, then apply to the hair giving the desired shape. For an extreme look use your fingers to define the tips. Apply to dry hair with the utmost care to keep the product soft from the heat.

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