Luxina Beard Oil
Luxina Beard Oil

Luxina Beard Oil

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Luxina beard oil contains all the ingredients of vegetable origin enriched with oils and aloe vera. Vitamin E, apricot oil and jojoba oil have been selected to ensure maximum skin and beard hydration. Designed to soften and give light to the beard it can also be used for shaving and guarantees hydration of dry skin leaving it soft and fragrant.


The best time to use beard oil is right after the shower. We recommend that you use beard oil once or twice in day. For beard 1 month growth use 3-5 drops, for beard 2-5 month use 5-7 drops, and for beard 6-12 month use 10-15 drops. In order to see the best results from using your beard oil daily, you should consider buying a quality beard comb or a small beard brush. By doing that, you will keep your beard nice, soft and smelling good at all times.


Lemon, peppermint, Lime, Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Kernel Oil, Verbena Leaf Oil, Jojoba seed oil.

Recommended Use: For Morning, Afternoon or Evening

Notes : Delicate and Fresh Lemon Scent 

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