Dear John Aftershave
Dear John Aftershave

Dear John Aftershave

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Dear John aftershave has a refreshing fragrance, composed of ozone citrus notes with the addition of spicy pepper and ginger. The whole was closed in an elegant glass bottle. The product works very well at any time of the year. In its composition doesn't contains preservatives, paraffin, silicone oils and artificial colors. Dear John aftershave will pleasantly refresh your skin. It also has antibacterial and toning effects. It will soothe irritations, and the unique fragrance will stimulate further action.


Apply to the face after shaving, massage gently until completely absorbed. 


Alcohol Denat., Aqua, Parfum, Limonene.

Recommended:  For daily use, this after shave can be used by all types of male skin.

Notes: Citrus, spicy pepper, ginger, melon, cucumber

Size : 100 ml

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